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Retail investors often use more conservative options.

The SP100, SP500 and SP over $3Billion Capitalization recommendations and Utilities Sector recommendations are offered at $5,000 or $19,995 USD annually, and are available for online purchase through our site  Or contact

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Many ZZAlpha stock recommendation portfolios have historic annualized returns over 15% - including the period of the 2008-2009 crash.  ZZAlpha recommendation portfolios can be used in long-short equity hedges to cut risk while beating benchmarks.

Our unique, consistent machine learning technique makes those returns and their constrained risks possible.  It re-learns the market's dynamics every night using over half a billion pieces of data. ZZAlpha dominates the field of effective machine learning for the US stock market.

Don't expect colorful "stories" about the recommendations or brandishing of wild "predictions." ZZAlpha provides recommendations from the scientific ZZAlpha machine learning technique accompanied by useful, brief objective descriptive information about the companies, as well as recent historical performance of the recommendation portfolio. Everything we do is data-driven.

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